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Message from Officer Jordan

Students, you are our greatest resource as well as the population most affected by some of the negative activities that take place at our school on a daily basis. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that could have been prevented if you could have informed someone in a position of authority without the risk of being punished or harmed by divulging information? The new FCHS TIP LINE is now in place for these circumstances. This is your school, and administrators, teachers, and other adults in a position of authority are, unfortunately, sometimes the last ones to know of impending crime, drug use, sale, or abuse, and other activities which have no place at our school. Take a stand and be proactive. Help us foster a positive environment here at FCHS by helping us identify possible problems early on so that they do not escalate and disrupt our school environment. All students deserve the right to feel safe and protected, and  the Tip Line is here to ensure that each and every student at FCHS feels comfortable enough to be a part of an environment that is conducive to bettering his or her education.

If you have information that needs to be shared with me, email me at