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School Climate Survey – FCHS

Please take a few minutes to respond to an anonymous 24-question survey about the school climate that is tied to our school’s CCRPI score.  This information will be used to help calculate Franklin County High School’s score on the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) for this school year.   The CCRPI score is based on our school’s climate rating by the state.  Survey responses are completely anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis.  The survey can be taken from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Annual Title I Parent Survey
Your input is needed to improve our Title I Parent and Family Engagement program . Please take a few minutes to let us know your opinion. This information will be used to help us plan parent involvement activities for our school.



Attention Lions

Are there any sports out there that we don’t play here? If you are interested in a sport or level of sport that is not offered in our athletic department please go online and take the athletic survey.

Kim Cary
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Have you failed a class you need for graduation?
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Read about The FCHS Attendance and Attendance Recovery Policies
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Join us in supporting reading BEFORE school!
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